Saturday, October 17, 2009

Review: Where The Wild Things Are

Max is a lonely kid with a big imagination. Most days his imagination and energy serve him well. Whether it's sailing a boat across the high seas of his bed sheets or building a snow fort and ordering around his fence army, Max keeps himself pretty entertained. Unfortunately everyone needs a friend and Max's mom and sister seem to be too busy most of the time to remember Max. Although, his mom tries to make time for her son she is trying to single-handedly run a household and business. One night Max runs away and finds a boat. His boat. A boat that leads him to where the wild things are and where adventure will unfold.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Review: The Brothers Bloom

Stephen and Bloom grew up in the foster home system which is another way of saying they had each other. Together they discovered the art of the con. Stephen is the mastermind that writes the cons with flair and Bloom is the vulnerable anti-hero sent in to get the girl. Bloom quits after a dangerous night in Berlin and moves to Montenegro. Shortly after, Stephen finds Bloom and talks him into one last con. The perfect con. And so begins the tale of Penelope.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Review: Zombieland

It's bound to happen. The zombie apocalypse. This film is about 4 survivors finding their way to a zombie-free amusement park in Los Angeles from Texas. Along the way they kill LOTS of zombies, run into a celebrity and actually tell a pretty endearing story.