Sunday, June 27, 2010

Review: Jonah Hex

The Outlaw Josey Wales, but with 100% more Will Arnett.

Want to see Jonah Hex? Go watch the trailer. That's pretty much all you need to see of the film. Not that it's a bad film, it's just simple. The entire main story arc is told in the trailer including the film's resolution. And that's not necessarily a bad thing for this type of film. Hex is based off the long running comic about an outlaw who can speak to the dead seeking revenge on the men who killed his family. And that's exactly what this movie is about.

Jonah Hex is a mediocre at best film, with some glimmers of decent action movie. The film moves at a clip, never overstaying its welcome and giving us just as much story as it needs to set-up the next action sequence. And honestly, that's where the film really shines. I complained about Knight and Day being too CGI heavy, but Jonah Hex is pretty much a practical affair, which is good because the little CGI in this film is really quite poor.

Josh Brolin turns in a fine, broody performance and Megan Fox is barely in it, so she doesn't get in the way TOO much. Malkovich is at his weird and creepy best, but there is one actor I would like to talk about in a little bit of detail, Mr. Will Arnett. This man has ZERO business being in this film. I couldn't take him seriously as the leading general of the military. All I kept thinking was GOB and his character from 30 Rock. He even tells Hex at one point "the president seems to think you're magic." I immediately started singing Asia's "The Final Countdown". I have never taken anyone less seriously in a role.

Overall Jonah Hex is a watchable film that is inoffensively mediocre and actually handles telling a concise story within a short amount of time well. It's a good way to pass some time with the guys on a night when there's nothing better to do, but wait for it to hit rental shelves first.

my rating: 5/10

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