Saturday, July 17, 2010

Inception: Entering the Maze

Well guys, this is it. In just over twelve hours, I will be experiencing Inception for the first time. I must say, my expectations for this film are through the roof. Going through Nolan's filmography this last week, I've come out with a new respect for the man, his work and film as a whole. These are the films we want to see. He can make visually stunning pictures, but can make you think for days after you've seen it.

The biggest thing I respect about Nolan is that he has never compromised the intelligence of his work. In a world where writers believe every little detail must be explained in the dialog, Nolan lets you pick up on them through multiple viewings. In order to truly "get" one of his films, you have to be paying attention. All to often we stop paying attention. Not just to our films, but to our lives. We just get caught up in the routine and miss out on the little details that make it so amazing. And in some bizarre, twisted way that's what I have learned through all this. Sure, Nolan's films are morally ambiguous (and sometimes even bankrupt) but this week has left me looking up, with a renewed sense of hope in the life I am leading and for what's to come in the maze.

And with that, I say Thank you, Christopher Nolan. You have truly inspired this writer and I look forward to entering many more of your mazes along the way.


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