Monday, July 19, 2010

Inception: Exiting the Maze

This is the last post of my Christopher Nolan retrospective. I have experienced Inception twice now, and I can honestly think of only a handful of movies that have affected me the way this film has. It needs to be seen and solidified my career path. I cannot wait to see what else is in store for both myself and the film industry as long as Christopher Nolan is involved in some aspect of it.

To Mr. Nolan, thank you. Your films have always struck me when I needed them the most and were some of the first to get me thinking about starting this blog to begin with. Inception is a true masterwork and the amount of care put into the film shines on every level. I cannot tell you how elated I was after the film and to have shared that experience with my closest friends is something I won't soon forget.

To my traveling companions and fellow dreamers, your trip to Fresno meant so much to me. I know I can get a little crazy about my films, but you have all been so supportive and I love that. I am pleased to have had this experience with you all. You are the ones that understand my passion the most and it was great to share it with you all. Those of you that were with me are truly the ones who inspire to keep on reviewing, even when I may not feel like it. Your outpouring of love during Christopher Nolan week is an absolute blessing.

To my readers, thank you all. I can't be sure how many of you read the blog, but I know a few of you do so quite often, and your feedback means everything to me. Keep it coming, and if you find a review particularly great, pass it along to your friends. If it weren't for the readers here, I would not be doing this. Okay, well, maybe, but you know.

In all seriousness, you have all been amazing and excellent to me and this little blog, even if we may not see eye to eye. The one thing I couldn't wait to do after Inception was to come back here and tell all of you (even the ones that saw it) to go experience it. This film is why I do what I do, and more importantly, your support is why I keep going. Thank you all again. I truly love you all.


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